Friday, November 11, 2011

Friday, September 2, 2011

Homecoming Special

Each Ensembe Priced At:  $44.95

Choose Between Two Ensembles
Ensemble A Includes:
Any Premium Shirt
Any Premium Pants
Any Vest & Tie
In Any Color
Ensembe B Includes:
Any Premium Shirt
Any Premium Pants
Any Tie In Any Color
Any Premium Shoe

Esembe Must Be Worn Before:  November 15, 2011

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Justin Bieber

Balloons Aloft just receive 18" ustin Bieber foils!
Come in and see what other great things we have.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Prom Garters

Attention all Prom Girls!
Balloons Aloft has the perfect garter for you.
You have a red dress? No problem we have red, and many other colors to match your spectacular dress.
If we run out of your color, don't be alarmed. We have many silver garters that will complement any dress color. Hurry in before all garters are gone.
Monday - Friday 9am to 5pm and Saturdays 9am to 3pm.


It is time to start thinking about Graduation.
Here are just a couple of examples of some of our graduation decorations.
We have invitations, personalized napkins, banners, streamers, balloons, table cover, card boxes, and lots more!
Balloons Aloft carries a large selection of graduation balloons. They are also attainable in your school colors.

Mothers Day is May 8th

Don't forget your Mom on Mothers Day.
Surprise her with a large bouquet of balloons. Add a scented candles and holders. If she does not like candles we have some chocolate candy kisses you can attach to the bottom of her balloon bouquet. Make it extra special by having us deliver the bouquet to home or work.

(deliveries only in local area)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Going to someones house for Easter?
Say thank you for having me with a bouquet of balloons.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Bucket Poll

The "Bucket Poll"
Balloons Aloft has a bucket.
What is the bucket used for?

Post your answers in the comment section.
I will be revealing the answer to this poll on

A.  To dip the latex in a special formula; this keeps the latex balloons up longer?
B.  To size them to their appropriate size.
C.  To remove the static electricity from the latex.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Administrative Professional Week is April 24th throught the 30th

Don't forget to say thank you to that special someone who makes your day at work, just a litle bit easier.

Balloons Aloft has great ideas for that someone specials work space. Pick-up one of our 9" candy bouquest (pictured), or you can go with the traditional helium balloon bouquet tired to your favorite mug, candle, or that perfect choice of candy.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Easter Bow Bunnies

Easter is April 24th
Hop in soon, and choose from two adorable sizes.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

April Store Hours

Mon. Tues. Thur. Fri. 9am to 5pm
Wed. 9am to 5pm
(Re-opening between 6:30pm & 8pm)
Sat. 9am to 3pm

Any question you can call: 825/786-6226

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Balloons Aloft Web Site / Under Construction

Just wanted to share The Sensible Mom's website. The website is updated frequently,is professional looking, and has unique and great topics.
Balloons Aloft is looking to re-design its web site, and the The Sensible Mom is having a web design giveaway!
Balloons Aloft is a family owned business and by reading Sandra's web site it shows me that she is all about family, and how Balloons Aloft would like to be represented on the Web.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

2011 Prom "Texting" Promotion

2011 Prom Texting Promotion!
Balloons Aloft is giving $15.00 off a COMPLETE prom tux rental. When placing your tuxedo order just show us the promotion "text" that was sent to you and you will get the discount.
If you have not received your text from us or a friend you can call us at 815-786-6226 asking us to forward the text to you.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Help with Wording your Wedding Invitation

Balloons Aloft has wedding invitations. We have approximately fifteen books to choose from; and always offer 25% off the wedding invitations.
There is a lot to think about when choosing a wedding invitation. The bride and groom have a budget, a specific theme and color they want in their invitation. When it comes down to the wording I believe there is maybe one in ten brides who know exactly how they want it to be worded.  
Craft is the blog site that I decided to evaluate.  I wanted to compare how they help the bride and grooms decide what to write in their wedding invitations.
Here are the questions I chose to evaluate this site.
  • Is the blog updated frequently?
  • Were the blog posts on topic?
  • Was this blog professional looking?
  • Is the blog unique?
  • Could I find this blog easily?
This blog site was updated frequently. There is more than one person in charge of this blog site. Different people post daily, and each one with a different crafting idea.To view this post just go to my blog list and click on Craft; then search for working for wedding invitations.
The blogs were all on topic. The topic is very large. I saw crafting ideas on candles, lesson plans, and weddings.
I did not like the blogs look. I felt it was messy, with too many colors, designs, advertisements, and banners.
I did not think the blog was unique. If I had to choose one thing I thought was unique it would be; almost every post I viewed had a link to another post which gave you your answer. The site that gave me my answers and was a pleasure to read was; The Modern Bride Guide.
I could find this blog easily.  I typed wedding invitations into the search engine and Craft came up in the top ten blogs. I did not notice any labels located under the post.

Helium and Latex Balloon Safety

Helium and latex balloons are two of the main essentials of a balloon decorating business. All packages now come with choking hazard warnings on the bag. From the very beginning of our business the helium company we were buying from made sure that we knew the risks of helium. Judy and I try to remind our customers of both of these safety warnings. The first helium company we received our helium through would always send helium safety warnings with each of their tanks. I would like to share the warning with you.
The safety warning stated:
“Helium Safety Precautions read all of the following precautions prior to using this cylinder, handle with care. This is a HIGH PRESSURE CYLINDER!
Do not allow anyone to inhale helium from the filling equipment or from balloons. Rapid suffocation can take place by reducing the concentration of oxygen in the air necessary to support life. Inhaling directly from filling equipment can also cause serious lung damage which could result in death!
Do not allow children to touch the cylinder or its valve, or to operate the balloon filling equipment.
Secure the cylinder to prevent it from falling over. Do not remove the cylinder cap until the cylinder is secured. If the cap is stuck or jammed, return the cylinder to the supplier.
Never open the cylinder valve before attaching a balloon filling regulator to it. Tighten with a wrench. Do not use leaky equipment.
Do not store or use the cylinder in a closely confined or poorly ventilated area. Leaking helium can reduce the amount of oxygen in the air, and produce asphyxiation
Do not store or use cylinders in hot areas (over 130 F.) or near flames or electrical devices.”

It was nice to find a site who was informing the public of helium and latex balloon safety. When I was reviewing the site I was looking for some specific characteristics.
  • Is the blog updated frequently?
  • Were the blog posts on topic?
  • Was this blog professional looking?
  • Is the blog unique?
  • Could I find this blog easily?
Healthy Family Matters updates there blog site regularly.
All the bog posts are based on family health. It is a site that can almost talk about anything that deals with, or touches your family.  It talks about everything from job searches for your 16 year old; too balloons and helium safety.
I enjoyed the overall look of the site. The only think I did not enjoy was all the advertisement. There seem to be more advertising than blogging.
One area I thought was unique was the “tell us what you’re thinking area.” Not only could you add your comments to each of the articles they were letting you place your own blog. There were some stipulations. Nothing would be posted unless you leave your name, mail, and website. I felt this was a great option to their blog.
I enjoyed this blog site and hope you will too. Just click on Healthy Family Matters in my blog list. This will take you to their home page. Proceed to the search engine and type in helium balloons. This bring up the article; “A few Potential Health Safety Issues with Helium Balloons.”

Friday, February 18, 2011

How to pick choose your rental tuxedo

I recently found a successful blog that helps to answer the question; "How do I pick out the best tux for me"?
You can find this site by clicking on my blog list; Designer Tuxedo, then type how to pick the right tuxedo renal? into the search engine.

Some characteristics that I was looking for were:
  • Is the blog updated frequently?
  • Was the blog posts on topic?
  • Was this blog professional looking?
  • Is the blog unique?
  • Could I find this blog easily?
The blog is updated frequently with lots of informative tuxedo information. The blog was posted on topic. All the blogs were posted on topic, even the one "Tuxedo Costumes". This one talked about how you could get a tuxedo for your dog. I liked the way this blog was easy to read, and find other interesting tuxedo information. I personally did not like the cupids at the top of the page for the template. I do not see how it relates to tuxedos. Maybe cupids = love = weddings? I would have picked out a more masculine template. I found one unique feature to this blog. The "tags" section. Some words were all capital,and some lower case. I found it unique but very hard to read. The only other detail I did not like was I could not figure out, or they did not give the option of making comments. The post said 0 comments, but I could not post one of my own.

All and all I found this blog to be very informative, interesting, and fun to search.