Sunday, February 20, 2011

Help with Wording your Wedding Invitation

Balloons Aloft has wedding invitations. We have approximately fifteen books to choose from; and always offer 25% off the wedding invitations.
There is a lot to think about when choosing a wedding invitation. The bride and groom have a budget, a specific theme and color they want in their invitation. When it comes down to the wording I believe there is maybe one in ten brides who know exactly how they want it to be worded.  
Craft is the blog site that I decided to evaluate.  I wanted to compare how they help the bride and grooms decide what to write in their wedding invitations.
Here are the questions I chose to evaluate this site.
  • Is the blog updated frequently?
  • Were the blog posts on topic?
  • Was this blog professional looking?
  • Is the blog unique?
  • Could I find this blog easily?
This blog site was updated frequently. There is more than one person in charge of this blog site. Different people post daily, and each one with a different crafting idea.To view this post just go to my blog list and click on Craft; then search for working for wedding invitations.
The blogs were all on topic. The topic is very large. I saw crafting ideas on candles, lesson plans, and weddings.
I did not like the blogs look. I felt it was messy, with too many colors, designs, advertisements, and banners.
I did not think the blog was unique. If I had to choose one thing I thought was unique it would be; almost every post I viewed had a link to another post which gave you your answer. The site that gave me my answers and was a pleasure to read was; The Modern Bride Guide.
I could find this blog easily.  I typed wedding invitations into the search engine and Craft came up in the top ten blogs. I did not notice any labels located under the post.


  1. Great job with your blog thus far!

  2. This is nice...simple and easy to get around. I like the info and detail you put into your critiques of other sites.

  3. Nice, clean site...I can see how this blog could help you sell items in your business

  4. Thanks for the nice comments.

  5. it looks nice but took me forever to find the comment button.