Friday, February 18, 2011

How to pick choose your rental tuxedo

I recently found a successful blog that helps to answer the question; "How do I pick out the best tux for me"?
You can find this site by clicking on my blog list; Designer Tuxedo, then type how to pick the right tuxedo renal? into the search engine.

Some characteristics that I was looking for were:
  • Is the blog updated frequently?
  • Was the blog posts on topic?
  • Was this blog professional looking?
  • Is the blog unique?
  • Could I find this blog easily?
The blog is updated frequently with lots of informative tuxedo information. The blog was posted on topic. All the blogs were posted on topic, even the one "Tuxedo Costumes". This one talked about how you could get a tuxedo for your dog. I liked the way this blog was easy to read, and find other interesting tuxedo information. I personally did not like the cupids at the top of the page for the template. I do not see how it relates to tuxedos. Maybe cupids = love = weddings? I would have picked out a more masculine template. I found one unique feature to this blog. The "tags" section. Some words were all capital,and some lower case. I found it unique but very hard to read. The only other detail I did not like was I could not figure out, or they did not give the option of making comments. The post said 0 comments, but I could not post one of my own.

All and all I found this blog to be very informative, interesting, and fun to search.

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